Drysuit Course

Drysuit Course


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While dry suits were once used almost exclusively for situations such as ice diving or deep wreck diving, many sport divers are now using dry suits regularly for everyday recreational dives all over the world. Perhaps you live in a cold-water climate or would just like to be warmer regardless of where you dive.  If so, the NAUI Dry Suit Diver course is for you!

Unlike wetsuits, drysuits are filled with air. During your drysuit course, your instructor will teach you how to control the air in your drysuit along with your buoyancy.

You'll also learn about different types of drysuits, basic drysuit repairs and maintenance.

Drysuit course is offered free of charged if you buy your drysuit through Astoria Scuba.

Don't have a Drysuit?  Astoria Scuba now has drysuits for rent.

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